The Mainbrace Restaurant

There’s a splendor and magnificence to the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park that has taken the breath away from the millions who have journeyed to Antigua to experience paradise. At the centre of the Dockyard, stands the Copper and Lumber Store Hotel and Restaurant. It is more than a modern day masterpiece of restoration.

The doors of the restaurant open onto the dockside of the Dockyard, where some of the most expensive yachts berth during the year.  The courtyard restaurant blends Caribbean romance with a European feel for an astonishing setting of dinner intimacy.

Its stony architecture, held together by huge wooden beams, keep the inside fresh, cozy and relaxing, perfect for breakfast and lunch time dining. Lunch time choices include Grilled Chicken, lightly glazed with Balsamic Honey, sitting against a julienee of vegetables. Our staff recommends trying the grilled Mahi Mahi - our personal favourite!

Copper and Lumber Seafood Fridays

Traditions are proving difficult to maintain these days but some things never change around the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park.

The Copper and Lumber Historic Inn Seafood Friday has been a delightful custom for the past ten years and has become well known as one of the most popular dining events around the Caribbean.

It has skillfully maneuvered current challenges and is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Delicious seafood aromas float from the kitchen of the Copper and Lumber Historic Inn as operations have shifted from the dockside dining that has made the event a unique and well sought after attraction for over a decade.

Dining on the outside is off-limits for now but for as long as there are starry nights and the moon can linger over the quiet harbour of the Nelson’s Dockyard, there will be Seafood Friday.

It is this type of optimism that is stimulating the imagination and creativity of our passionate chefs, who have shown incredible ingenious in making Seafood Friday a take-out event until such time that the lawns can be filled with the warmth and lively chatter of our beautiful guests once again.

Chef Laurence Lloyd has been going above and beyond in filling out the menu with dishes that are tasty and distinctive and more accommodating to pick-up as opposed to sit-down dining.

A delicious seafood roti enriched with stunning flavours and a tasty Saltfish Accra are only two of a variety of dishes that have been added to the large family of traditional favourites that tempt even the most discriminating tastes.

The menu is infused weekly with new and irresistible mouth-watering delights, each contending for a permanent place among the tasty offerings.

It seems like only yesterday that the grounds of the Nelson’s Dockyard were filled with scores of people sharing a laugh and making new memories over a Friday night meal surrounded by the iconic attractions of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Until those days return, one thing is sure and remains a constant – there will be delicious Seafood.

The menu is shared weekly and can be found either on the Copper and Lumber Historic Inn page or in the Seafood Friday group, both on Facebook. Orders can be made by calling 1-268-460-1058.